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St. Rose of Lima Academy is operated by the parish of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Short Hills, New Jersey, which is in the Archdiocese of Newark. The Archdiocese establishes guidelines for the administration of the school, and the principal receives administrative authority from the pastor. The pastor and principal collaborate to formulate and execute the educational goals of the Academy.

The SRL Academy Advisory Board, (the ‘Board’), acts in an advisory capacity, by making recommendations to the Pastor through the Principal for matters pertaining to the Academy. The Board acts on the requests of the Pastor and/or Principal, according to and consistent with Archdiocesan policy for the purpose of:

  • establishing the Academy budget;
  • supporting administrative goals;
  • assisting in strategic planning;
  • and advising in other areas, consistent with the Board’s Mission Statement, at the request of the Pastor or the Principal.

The Board consists of thirteen (13) voting members. Each year, up to five members may appointed by the Pastor, each to serve a term of three years. A member may serve for one additional three (3) year term. No member may serve more than six (6) consecutive years. The voting members of the Board are as follows:

  • Joe Ferraro, President
  • Steve Athaide
  • Allie Banks
  • Al Celleri
  • Joseph Colca
  • Chris DarConte
  • Hal Dillon
  • Jeanine Faughnan
  • Brian Kostka
  • Kim McCormack
  • (Allie) Ahalya Nava-Majmudar
  • MaryAnn Puhala
  • Jennifer Thorson

The Board also consists of three (3) ex-officio, non-voting members, who are the Pastor, Principal, and President of the Home School Association, as follows:

  • Monsignor Trabold, Pastor
  • Diane Pollak, Principal
  • Petrina Ferraro, HSA President

The Board is governed by its Mission Statement and By-laws. The Board meets on the first Monday of the month, from September through June, with one additional meeting during July.

The Board has undertaken a number of important initiates in recent years, including: the establishment of an Annual Fund, which serves to fund capital improvements at the Academy; conducting long range strategic planning for the Academy; creation of a new website for the Academy, etc.

You may contact the Board at advisoryboard@srlacademy.org.

Board Meeting Summaries

Following each meeting the Board, a summary of the meeting’s highlights will be posted below.

Summaries of Board Meetings from the 2013-2014 School Year