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school photoExecutive Board Descriptions


Administers all business of the Association as provided for in the bylaws and as requested by the administration; oversees all standing committees; provides overview of fundraising goals and objectives as set forth by the executive board and administration; works with the administration on calendar of events for upcoming year; reports to the Academy Advisory Board all business of the Association; prepares “Academy News Blurb” for the parish bulletin as directed by the Principal; sets monthly meetings and agendas; liaisons with committee chairs as it relates to the business of the Association; provides committee chairs with access to monthly meeting of the Executive Board.

1st Vice President

Performs the duties of the President in the President’s absence; performs duties as requested by the President; oversees standing committees; provides and plans for beautification opportunities on academy grounds; coordinates Faculty Christmas Luncheon; plans parent education programs, purchases Specials Programs’, teachers’ birthday and end of year gifts.

2nd Vice President

Performs the duties of the President when both the President and Vice President are absent; works directly with the administration to plan and implement cultural arts programs and assemblies; represents the Association at the monthly meetings of the Millburn Township Cultural Arts Committee; works with “Caring Kids” coordinator from the district; serves as the S.R.L.A representative on the Millburn Municipal Alliance Coalition (M.M.A.C.), a township-wide drug/alcohol awareness board; attends monthly M.M.A.C. meetings; coordinates M.M.A.C. sponsored programs.


Receives all monies and dues of the Association and shall keep an accurate count of same; presents financial statements at monthly meetings or at any time as requested by the Executive Board; arranges for an annual audit of the account and presents the results thereof to the membership at the first business meeting of the following year; prepares an annul budget for the next fiscal year to be approved by the Executive Board and presented to the membership at least two (2) weeks prior to the May general meeting.

Assistant Treasurer

Supports the Treasurer as needed.

Publicity Officer

Prepares bi-monthly newsletter to publish the news of both the Association and the Academy; coordinates the distribution of flyers pertaining to all academy events and fundraising. Assures the activities and accomplishments of the S.R.L. students are brought to the attention of parishioners and the community at large by providing photographs and press releases to local publications including The Catholic Advocate; coordinates efforts with the marketing representative of the Academy Advisory Board.

Athletic Director

Oversees all aspects of sports program and sports committees; works with Principal and Executive Board to achieve Academy goals in relation to the program; works with Treasurer to establish sports budget and to manage program finances throughout the year; ensures new coaches compete “Protecting God’s Children” workshop and other scheduled training sessions; communicates all sports program guidelines, policies and procedures to both coaches and parents; communicates pertinent information to Track chairmen to run their programs; coordinates use of fields for S.R.L. teams (file paperwork; insurance forms; etc.); represents S.R.L. Academy to all Basketball Leagues which includes attending League general meetings, scheduling meetings; acts as contact for all league issues; informs coaches and parents of all league rules and changes to the rules; secures Track chairmen as well as coaches for all basketball teams.

Class Parent Coordinator

Responsible for all activities surrounding the coordination of class parents; ensures class parent leaders understand all fundraising goals of the Association; prepares Class Parent Orientation at beginning of school year.


Records the minutes of the meetings; provides copies of minutes to board members and administration; posts copy for parent perusal; keeps copy of the bylaws available; acts as parliamentarian when necessary; performs various and sundry duties as they relate to the business of the association.