St. Rose of Lima's Preschool


school photoAdmissions

  1. A child applying for the Pre-K3 program must be three years old on or before October 1 for his/her application to be considered. All three year-olds must be toilet trained in order to be accepted into the preschool program.
  2. A child applying for the Pre-K4 program must be four on or before October 1.
  3. A copy of the child's birth certificate must be submitted for proof of age. The mandatory age requirement is designated by the Millburn Board of Education.
  4. Parents of newly enrolled preschool children must submit a preschool parent questionnaire and a completed yellow immunization form and before the beginning of school in September. These forms will be given to parents when the child's place has been confirmed.

Preference in the admissions process will be as follows:

  1. Returning school families who have children in the school and wish to enroll other siblings;
  2. Registered parishioners of St. Rose of Lima parish. N.B. Newly registered families (within one year of desired registration) outside the geographic confines of St. Rose of Lima parish proper will be required to pay out-of-parish tuition for a one year trial membership period;
  3. Catholic students registered in parishes other that St. Rose of Lima without siblings currently in the school;
  4. Non-Catholic students.

The Pastor and Principal reserve the right to review all applications for admission prior to notification of status. In cases where space is limited in a given grade level, they may, at their sole discretion, determine to admit students in excess of the specified class size limit.