St. Rose of Lima's Preschool


school photoCurriculum

Art, Computer Literacy, Health Safety and Family Life, Language Arts, Mathematics, Music, Personal and Social Development, Physical Education and Motor Development, Reading/Phonics, Religion, Science, Social Studies, Speaking, Writing

The children participate in numerous hands-on activities, including painting, cooking, arts and crafts, dramatic play as well as free play. They begin to develop independence from home, listening skills, the ability to share and to work and play in a group setting.

In addition to their classroom program, the three-year-olds attend gym and music once a week. In the four year-old class, the children build on foundations learned in Pre-K3 and begin kindergarten readiness activities. The Pre-K4 class also attends gym, music,computer, art appreciation and library each week.

The four-year-olds are integrated into the life of the school through their attendance at assembly programs, monthly Masses and prayer services, and school-wide projects. They also participate in the annual Christmas Concert.