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Language Arts & World Language

Language Arts
The focus of the reading and language arts programs is word attack skills, vocabulary development, decoding skills, critical and inferential reading skills, the writing process and public speaking. Literature based basal readers are used through grade 5. Literature anthologies are utilized in Grades 6, 7 and 8. Trade books supplement the reading program on all levels. Phonics texts, vocabulary texts and spelling texts reinforce the skills being learned throughout the program.
The writing process is developed through the primary grades. Writing portfolios are maintained in Grades 1 through 8 to assess growth and identify strengths and weaknesses.
Opportunities for the development of public speaking skills are provided at all grade levels through special programs, prayer services and performances. 
World Language
St. Rose of Lima Academy believes in an early introduction to world languages to take advantage of the young learner’s enthusiasm and curiosity. Spanish is introduced in Kindergarten. Spanish instruction is offered twice weekly in Grades 1 through 4 and three times a week in the middle school Grades 5 through 8. Emphasis is on pronunciation, oral communication and vocabulary development through activities, songs and games.
As an alternative to Spanish, classical Latin instruction is offered in grades 6 through 8. In addition to traditional grammatical studies, aspects of ancient Roman daily life, mythology and culture are explored.  Emphasis is placed on the derivation of English vocabulary from Latin.

In Grades 1 through 8 a literature based reading program is used to provide a systematic and sequential mastery of basic skills. Our goal is to encourage a lifelong love of reading. The students are provided with a "print rich" environment using phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, creative writing and poetry to progressively develop their reading skills.

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