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Dear Parents,

This has been an interesting year. As we gear up for our opening in September, just a few reminders from last week’s Green Envelope:

What to Expect During Weeks 1-3

SRLA will re-open in phases:

Sept. 8: Virtual parent-teacher conferences will be held for everyone (details to follow) 

Sept. 9-11: Virtual instruction for entire student body with a half-day schedule

Sept. 14-25: In-person learning begins for those who will return physically; Half-day schedule for both in-person and remote learners for this period.

Sept. 28: Full day schedule begins for in-person and remote learners

This phased approach is subject to change, and could be modified depending on updates or changes by N.J. State, Dept. of Education, or the Archdiocese of Newark.

You may select in person or virtual at any time prior to 9/1/20 as everyone will be virtual the week of 9/8-9/11. A separate form for your selection is attached .

  • *** Desk shields will be distributed throughout the schools as soon as they arrive. Estimated delivery date is between 9/4-9/14/2020.***

School Dress Code

Students are required to comply with in-seat and virtual dress code accordingly:

In-seat: Full Fall or Gym uniform on the appropriate days

Virtual: Gym Uniform tops are required. Students may wear gym uniforms every day.

Going All Virtual

The remote learning option is available to all:

***If the class does not have in-seat space at this time and you opt for virtual learning until the CDC relaxes the seating constraints, you will automatically slide right into that desk!

What will Virtual look like?

  • Stream Webcam by Spedal will be installed in every classroom and will provide live-video streaming to deliver seamless online lectures and classes. Our teachers will be wearing Bluetooth mics so that everyone will have optimum listening capabilities.
  • Attendance policy in the same for both in-seat and virtual (See uniform requirements above)
  • The student’s computer must have either a built-in camera or webcam
  • Cameras must remain on or you will be marked absent for the day
  • All school rules and regulations hold true for virtual students as well
  • School or gym shirts must be worn at all times unless a special dress-up opportunity is given
  • Virtual learning students will follow their cohort’s schedule
  • Students will have the ability to ask questions and will be called upon for answers as virtual students are fully participating member s of the cohort.
  • The choice is up to the parent: Please complete the selection form and return to the school electronically by 9/1.
  • Students must attend Morning Prayer with their class at 8:10 am every day.
  • Students opting for virtual live sessions will be responsible for completing all learning activities and accompanying assessments for each.
  • Cameras may be turned off for snack/lunch time
  • Art will be live streamed for both virtual and in-seat students

In Seat:

  • All students must wear a face covering while at school, unless they have a medical or other condition that would prevent them from doing so. Face masks with vents are prohibited, in accordance with CDC guidance.
  • Implementation of multiple mitigation strategies (e.g., social distancing, face coverings, hand hygiene, and use of cohorting).
  • Maintain healthy environments (e.g., cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surface).
  • Clear, well-developed plan for when a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19 (See Reopening Plan).
  • State and local case tracing developed and in place with the state and local health department through Linda Zuckerman, our school nurse.



  • A staggered drop-off and pick-up schedule will be implemented
  • Pre-school will be dropped off and picked up at the playground door
  • K-8 will enter through the front door
  • Note: Before care runs from 7:00-7:45 am every morning in the Library)

Pre-K: Drop off at 8:15-8:30 at the playground door

K-8: Drop off at 7:45-8:10 at the Front Door


Pre-school will be picked up at the playground door at 2:25 pm

Grades K-8 will have: Walkers dismissed, through the front door, at 2:40 pm

Car Line dismissed through the back door, at 2:50 pm

***A detailed Car Line Diagram will be sent out detailing the two-car line-up process***

Health Measures

A COVID-19 Student Health Survey will be sent out next week; it must be completed and returned by the student on the first day of school.

  • All classrooms will have a supply of hand sanitizer, extra masks and disinfectant wipes.
  • Hands free sanitizers have been placed throughout the school building
  • 16 Picnic tables have been purchased and are being constructed as you read this!
  • Our Scout Troops, under the guidance of the Radics, will sand and varnish them before the start of the in-seat instruction begins (9/14)
  • Outside time/space/opportunities will be expanded for everyone
  • Our custodial staff will sanitize and clean frequently, with a thorough sanitization taking place every evening and before school begins.
  • Student seating has been spaced appropriately. The desk shields are an extra measure the DOH and DOE have authorized barriers that assist with virus mitigation.

Additional Resources and Updates

I have been working this summer to identify and utilize curricular and instructional resources to bolster virtual learning. We are officially a Google School and will begin switching over starting… Now!! We will create a link for Google Classroom next week and we will continue to update the page as we onboard new programs. We will also create a link for general reopening plans next week.

***Students will receive their sign-in information early next week ***

Remember: This year will look, feel and begin like no other in our history, but the love and welcoming by everyone at St. Rose for your child is like no other in their history.

Be well,

Tina Underwood
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