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It’s super easy! Please help support our fundraiser by following the steps below to register online today. When you register, we’ll know you’re committed to supporting SRLA and helping us reach our goals. To help even more, kindly send 10 email invitations to friends & family for further support. With over 2,500 gift ideas, supporters can easily shop and check-off their holiday gift-list, all while supporting our important cause. More than just beautiful gift wrap…personalized tote bags, backpacks, candles, kitchen gadgets, and more!!
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Here’s how to register today and help us spread the word!
Invite friends and family (even if they’re out of town), online orders ship directly to the purchaser!
Organization ID: 12719
Step 1: REGISTER at www.charlestonwrapstore.com
(use organization ID to the left)
Step 2: Use our Email-Invite Generator to invite out-of-town friends & family to shop and support!
Plus, share your unique invite links via text and social media.
Ultra-Heavy Gift Wrap 
Holiday Décor 
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