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Dear Parent/Guardian,


We will be sending home a MAP Growth Student Progress Report. This report provides a summary of your child’s performance on the most recent MAP Growth tests your child has taken.

Your child’s MAP Growth results are reported as RIT scores. The RIT score is the overall score for a subject based on a Rasch Unit (RIT). The RIT scale is much like feet and inches on a yardstick, in that it is used to measure growth over a period of time to help educators monitor student progress and academic growth from year to year. 

The RIT score reflects the instructional level at which the student is currently performing, helping teachers plan instruction at an appropriate level. You will also see a Percentile Range in the results table on the right-hand side of the Student Progress Report. The number in the middle of the range is your child’s percentile rank, or the percentage of students in the MAP Growth national norm group that had a RIT score less than or equal to your child’s score.   

You will see a description of your child’s performance level in specific goal areas within each subject test in the Goal Performance section on the left-hand side of the report, beneath the subject bar graphs. The goal performance level indicates how your child’s performance in each goal area compares to the average performance of his or her grade peers nationally. 

We hope you find the MAP Growth Student Progress Report informative. If you have questions, please contact your child’s teacher.  


Principal Tina Underwood

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