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Girls Volleyball Registration is Open

Welcome back Raven Nation and a special WELCOME to our new families. We love our sports at SRLA, and we are proud to announce that we have added Girls Volleyball for the Fall 2022.! If your child/children are interested in participating with us this fall,it's time to register for the seasons. Please be sure to read all the information below and email me if you have any questions.


Season Details

- Practices start the week of 9/19/22

- Games after 9/26/22

- Regular Season Ends 11/9/22

- Playoffs begin 11/11/22

- Tournament of Champions 11/19/22

Team - 1 Team grades 5-8

-       Based on interest we will have one combined team this season composed of grades 5-8. This is ok as many league teams do the same as they many are building their programs also


-       Tues/Thurs - 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM (After school)

-       Practice will be held in the gymnasium

-       Athletes will be able to go directly to the gym at dismissal (2:50 PM) to get changed

-       They will have time to change, have a snack and also leave to grab one if they need to right after school

-       There will be an adult in the Gym waiting for them at 2:50 PM dismissal

-       Practice Days

-       Tues - 9/20

-       Tues - 9/22

-       Thurs - 9/27

-       Tues - 9/29

-       Thurs - 10/04

-       Tues - 10/06

-       Thurs - 10/11

-       Tues - 10/13

-       Thurs - 10/18

-       Tues - 10/20

-       Thurs - 10/27

-       Tues - 11/01

-       Thurs - 11/03


-       The scheduling meeting is this Thursday evening we will have the final game schedule by our 1st practice next week

Uniform & Required attire

-       We will be ordering Team Shirts (Price will be included in registration)

-       All players should have a good set of knee pads for volleyball.

-       I’ve included links below so you know what kind to look for there are other brands also

-       Dick’s - (Adult) Nike Volleyball knee pads - $24.99

-       Dick’s - (Adult) Mizuno Volleyball knee pads - $19.99

Registration Information

-       Please click here to Register for the Fall 2022 Girls Volleyball Season.

-       Registration Fee is $130 and will be billed to your SmartTuition Account

-       Registration includes the cost of the Uniform shirt

-       Please click below to order your Volleyball Shirt

-       Click here to order a St. Rose Volleyball Uniform Shirt

Coaches/Volunteers Needed

-       If you are a former Volleyball player,, have a passion for Volleyball or would just like to volunteer to assist at practice or during matches please email me and I will be in touch with you this week.

Additional questions

If you have any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Go Ravens

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