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Performing Arts Program

- Choir
- Christmas Pageant

After-School Enrichment Programs (subject to change)

Storytelling with LEGO® -  Using LEGO® bricks and characters, children will be challenged through creative story prompts to design and engineer their imaginary world.  Each activity is designed to offer choice, allowing students to build, model, and share their ideas, thoughts, and stories. 
Glass Fusing - The art of glass fusing is over 2,000 years old, developed by the Egyptians.  This interactive class teaches the foundations of glass fusing while exploring different techniques to create fun, colorful fused glass projects from opaque, transparent, and iridescent glasses. Learn about the other forms glass can take, from stringers, noodles, marbles, to liquid glass.  All pieces will be kiln fired. Some projects may included night lights, wind chimes, bowls, and jewelry.
Fencing - Beginner fencing focuses on basic fencing techniques through instruction and fun games. Come learn the value of self-discipline as you focus on building fencing skills. Fencing improves speed, agility, flexibility, reflexes, focus and concentration. Enjoy fencing while reaping the physical and mental benefits. All equipment is provided. 
Chess Club - Learn how to play the most popular game ever invented!! Come play the game of strategy and problem solving.
Beginner students will learn: All the chess pieces and how they move; Special moves like castling, en passant; Key chess tactics such as Pins, Forks, Double Attacks, Skewers, Discovered Checks; Basic Opening Theory and Defense Strategies. Intermediate and Advanced Students will focus on Opening, Middlegame and Endgame Strategies. You will learn by analyzing famous chess games, solving checkmate puzzles and competing against classmates. 
Girls Basketball - Come learn the fundamental concepts of basketball through the use of fun drills, exercises and scrimmages. Dribbling, passing, guarding (defense) and shooting skills will be developed and you will learn the rules of basketball. Scrimmages will be played to reinforce the skills you are learning, to promote teamwork, endurance and coordination.

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