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Mission Statement
St. Rose of Lima Academy relies upon the volunteer efforts of parents.  Volunteering for Academy activities is part of every parent’s commitment.  Parent volunteers are organized through the parent’s association, which is called the Home School Association, or H.S.A.  The H.S.A. fundraises to provide supplemental programs for the students and faculty and to assist with the Academy budget.  The H.S.A.  organizes those fundraisers and supplemental programs, as well as social events for the Academy community.  The H.S.A.  Executive Board is responsible for overseeing all parent volunteer programs and committees and works with the Principal to achieve both its fundraising goals, community outreach and policy guidelines as they relate to extra-curricular activities.  St. Rose of Lima Academy and the St. Rose of Lima H.S.A. strongly believe that involved parents are essential and set the tone of warmth and respect for Catholic values and academic growth that prevails at St. Rose.  A brief description of H.S.A. Executive Board positions follows.

Current Officers

Andrea Mansfield

First Vice President
Rosemary Mattson

Second Vice President
Karen Maddox

Catherine Pieroni

8th Grade Treasurer

Ivette Maddi

Melanie Farmer

Tina Fay

Athletic Director
Harcourt Lucius

Class Parent Coordinator
Margie Naughton

The slate listed below provides the positions that will be filled this year and the nominees proposed by this year's Nominating Committee. As provided by our bylaws, the Nominating Committee shall designate a slate of nominees best deemed qualified to serve the Office of President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Communications Coordinator, Class Parent Coordinator, Treasurer and Athletic Director.

Nominations are based upon each candidates ability and commitment to the goals of the HSA as evidenced by prior participation in school activities.  The Principal will have the final say on all nominees.  The Slate is then presented to the school community for approval.  If you, as a member of the school community, do not approve of a slated member, please email the school directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2020-21 Home School Association Executive Board Proposed Slate
President:  Andrea Mansfield 

First Vice President: Rosemary Mattson

Second Vice President: Karen Maddox

Treasurer: Catherine Pieroni

Secretary: Tina Fay

Communications: Melanie Farmer

Class Parent Coordinator: Margie Naughton

Athletic Director: Harcourt Lucius 

8th Grade Treasurer: Ivette Maddi

St. Rose of Lima Academy

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